One of the first Dao Believers Goes Home


Recently you were introduced to Scott and Jennie Phillips, missionaries to the Dao Tribe in a remote area of Indonesia. Scott and Jennie moved into the tribe 3 years ago and began learning the language in order to one day share the good news of Jesus Christ with them for the first time ever in the history of that tribe. During the past few months they began to teach the tribe through the Bible, culminating with Jesus Christ and how he had paid the punishment for their sins. Many members of the tribe came to know Jesus Christ! A young man, named Bonanimena has just recently been one of the very first Dao believers to go and meet their Savior face to face. Scott wrote recently in an email of the death of young Bonanimena, “one of the tribal members, Wikipai came to us and said ‘We have talking all morning long with each other about how Bonanimena is now together with Jesus because he had believed in what Jesus had done for him and had become part of the Creator family.’ We see an obvious hope in the way that they are talking about this death that we have not seen ever before! Although we are mourning this loss with the Dao people and will continue to mourn with them for the next few days we are also praising God for the differences we are seeing in the fact that the Dao people now have hope that they will be reunited with Bodanimena again on that great day when we who are part of God’s family are all reunited in heaven. Bonanimena will be one of the many representatives from every tongue, tribe and nation standing before the throne and shouting praises together with us to His savior and redeemer!”

Please continue to be in prayer for the many people groups throughout the world who have never had the opportunity, even once in their lifetime to hear of the good news of Jesus Christ!

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